Game Flow


Concept Art

charthis is my character

level1 level2

this is my item for level 1(left) and level 2(right)

screenchapthis is some of the screenshots of my game


Game Design Element


  • Players have a chance to retry level if they failed to complete the task.
  • There will be some item that will help or harm the player


  • Player will be given a chance to retry, skip or end the game


  • Player need to read the instruction and know which item will help and which item will harm. Player also need to remember special case. Try to know and remember the special items will help a lot while playing.


  • Lucky item will help increasing the happiness or profit or increasing the speed


  • Items that fall is a lot at once. Player need to avoid negative items

Game 2: Momo the Chocolatier 2

Momo the chocolatier 2 is game continuation from my first game Momo the Chocolatier. The storyline is where Mommy Cowie, which is Momo’s mother is giving his sister a lot of candies, but he does not get any of it. He feels jealous and then he trying to get income by making chocolates and sell it.

It started from Momo’s house to the garden of chocolate, and then a factory where he make all of his chocolates. From the factory, he needs to go to the shop where he can sell his chocolates. All of the environment is cartoon and touch of reality

At the beginning of the game, player will see a short story before the game start. Player can click the skip button to skip the story. After that, player will need to help Momo to collect things. There is an instruction before that, player can click play if they already know the instruction before.

First task, which is a 1st level of the game. Player, who is taking the role as Momo, need to collect 50 chocolates and avoid getting hit by car.

  • There will be a happiness bar at the top left of the screen during the game.
  • Players are given 60 seconds to complete the task.
  • There will be items that help or harm players throughout the game:level1
    • oil reduce happiness (-5)
    • chocolate wrapper – happiness (-2)
    • grass – increase speed for 5 seconds
  • Players who failed to collect 50 chocolates / die during the game will have a chance to reply the game.
  • Player who succeed will continue the journey to level 2

Second game, player need to help Momo to run his store. Before the game, player will be given an instruction and can click play if they already know the instruction before.

This time, player need to complete the 25 orders from customers and avoid customer leaving with dissatisfaction.

  • There will be items that help or harm the player in the game:level2
  • There will be profit bar on the top right screen during the game.
    • Cocoa bean and milk to produce ice chocolate.
    • Cocoa bean and almond to produce truffles.
    • Cocoa bean and flour to produce chocolate cake.
  • Player are given 60 seconds to complete the game.
  • There will be some combination for player to remember throughout the game:
    • Wrapper – reduce the profit (- 5 coins)
    • Heart – profit increase (+ 10 coins)
    • Bomb – make guest leave

After completing the task, Momo will have enough money to buy a lot of candies for himself.

Sketch Drag and Drop Game

drag and drop

This is my sketch for my first games design.

The first one you need to catch 10 chocolates and 10 milks to make 100 points. Avoid chocolate wrappers as it is will decrease your points by 5, and there is also fish bone where the cow will paralyse for 3 sec. But then you can use grass for stopping time for 3 sec.

The 2nd stage is the factory stage where you need to produce 25 packages of chocolate. As you can see you also need to drop the chocolate and milk together so that the machine will produce for you a package of milk chocolate. Avoid the hammer and rat, as you click it the rat will minus 5 packages. and the hammer will make the machine broke and minus 5 sec from your time. The magic wand will make the other ingredients is available for you when you can only find 1 ingredients, like when you have only chocolate and you drop the magic wand it will make the milk available for you, and vice versa. There is also one lucky chance when you can see there is a magical box, it will appear faster than other object and will only appear once or never in one game. But, remember that in here the conveyor will be faster than the first stage.

For every game you will be given 3 lives.

Games Design

I thought about having a game where the title is “Momo the Chocolatier”

Maybe the title is not that fancy, but yeah i will tell you what is this game all about.

It will about Momo, a cow, which is found that chocolate is sweet and addictive, he wants to produce a chocolate so that he can sell it to everyone and bring happiness to all. The game will be divided into 2 stages where the first one is Momo adding on the chocolate to his basket and avoid adding on fish bone or chocolate wrapper into it. It has the chance like milk and grass, milk for speeding up and grass for extra points.


Then the 2nd stage it will be Momo will set up in the machine room where he needs to rearrange the chocolate and the milk or chocolate and almond so that it will reach the goal to sell the chocolate. Catch the magic wand or mysterious box for making chocolate where you do not need to drop the chocolate but it will do it for you, or contain special package that contain some chocolate ready just for you. But, remember to avoid hammer or mouse, the hammer will destroy the machine and the mouse will eat all the chocolate available on screen.


will upload the picture soon !