I’m a Dreamer

This is my first journal in creative thinking class, about dreams. Every people can dream, because sometimes people like to dream as it is better than reality. Well, some of you maybe like to dream, but for me, honestly I don’t really like it, but for this assignments that Mr Charles gave me, whether I like it or not I need to describe my dream. So, this is my 10 dreams that I remember and also the song that can goes with it

Since I got the song from the video, try to listen the song but not watchig the video, just listen and read the dream and use your little imagination 😉

Dream #1


I dream about a scene in somehow like Pirate and the Carribean. I was brought to volcano in the middle of the ocean. I was there with my friends. I don’t know what bringing me there, but I’m sure we were all kidnapped by pirates. The pirates were really eager to kill us as a sacrifice to their ancestor. I was really afraid with them, then when the time almost come for sacrifice us, I asked the captain to release me because I want to go to toilet so badly, and the captain was releasing me (which is impossible). After that, I ran away to the island, ran and ran and ran again, but the road was always leading me to the place where the pirates were.

Song: The Pirates and the Carribean the movie soundtrack – Hans Zimmer 

I chose this song as this is a very popular song from a very great and popular movie of Pirates and the Carribean and the song will absolutely explains everything

Dream #2

2013-10-02 05.58.35

I dreamt I was fighting with the samurai from Japan or China , both of us wearing the same sword which has dragon symbol in it. I don’t know how to use a sword, but then it s just a dream anyway, I was able to fight with him and not getting blood stain as I was like already professional with sword and had the same level like the samurai

Song: The Last Samurai movie soundtrack – Hans Zimmer

The song was chosen as it was tell about a samurai, also the sound effect of the song where there is a samurai shouting

Dream #3

2013-10-02 06.11.14

I dreamt about I was dancing in the ballroom with my dancer friends. They were all dancing with their couple, well not the real one, but all of us get a couple and dancing for the whole night

Song: (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Glee

This song is about dancing all night with a partner, they owe each other a beautiful night together

Dream #4

2013-10-02 06.18.33

I was dreaming that I was getting drunk in the pub, the bartender kept giving me a glass of alcohol since I was asking it even though I was almost hangover that time. The music was so loud, I can’t remember the surrounding, but I clearly seen the pub there and I was sitting on the bar’s chair sober and sometimes I was also dancing like crazy haha

Song: Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida ft David Guetta

Song about going to the club and because of the music, you get high to enjoy it until you can’t control yourself like when you’re drunk

Dream #5

2013-10-02 06.19.24

I was in Paris, yeayy!! I dream that I went to Paris for photography session, I was the photographer, the model is somebody that I don’t really like, she tried to fail me in every schedule that I made. Even though I want to know about Paris where some people said that it was nice and full of arts and romance, first of all for sure I headed to Eiffel Tower for taking pictures and I was exploring every corner of the city. I even can speak French!! Such a happy time until I woke up and realise it was only just a dream (sigh..)

Song: Mean – Glee

This song is about someone that hate you, you can’t beat them down now, but someday you will have that chance. A patience will lead you to something better, even though they bully you now, but someday they will look up at you

Dream #6

2013-10-02 06.21.36

I dream that I reunited again with my crew in somewhat like coffee shop to me and it is in the garden. We were all having holidays between our busy days in school and college. We were meet again after a long time, celebrating little time that we had. We were telling our stories about laughters and tears, sharing every moment while we can

Song: Drinks for You – Pitbull ft Jennifer Lopez

This song is about celebrating something, even though you don’t have much time to celebrate, at least for a while you spend a little time to celebrate in your life. A reunion should be celebrated, right? 😉

Dream #7

2013-10-02 06.26.24

I was dreaming that my room full of tarantula, when I move a bit the tarantula will bite me. Tarantula was my biggest fear and it is surrounded me in my favourite place, such a great combination. It was there in the wall, floor, bed, cupboard, EVERYWHERE! They were big, small, medium, their eyes locked on me and they were all filled with hunger and ready to eat me

Song: Haunting Nightmare – Halloween Horror Music

This instrumental song works best with my dream as it is horror for me and sounded like it’s everywhere since the song is echoing back and forth

Dream #8

2013-10-02 06.29.07

I have a dream of my friend was brought to the hospital, he was unconscious, all the machine for his life was accompanied him. He like loose his soul already, just like death (haven’t literally yet), but yes, he was dying. Scar and bruises was around his body, me and my friends there already crying and praying, hoping for miracles

Song: Tong Hua (instrumental) – Michael Fairy Tale

I chose this song basically because of the sad music video of the song, the girl died cause of cancer. I knew that my friends in my dream not literally die yet, but he’s dying, so I think this song will suits best

Dream #9

2013-10-02 06.44.40

I was lost in the forest, I can’t find a way out from there. Every time I ran what I can only see is just tree and grasses everywhere. I can’t find where is the road or even a small path to go out from the forest. It’s like I’m totally lost and keep running away as I feel like somebody was following me behind

Song: Skyrim Battle

This song actually a game song, but then when you listen to it and you read my dream, it actually nice to be the best background music to this dream. At first I want to use my own song “Way to Freedom”, but unfortunately I lost the record (sad..). Then I ended up using this song instead

Dream #10

2013-10-02 07.47.08

I dreamt that I become a street racer, I was doing race with my friends, I was leading the race, all my crew were all supporting for me from the finish line. The race was pretty decent as my other rivals were all newbie. The road was closed for race, no police, what you can see is just cars everywhere. We were doing illegal race of course, but yeah, I’m the winner!! Cheersss

Song: The Qemists – Stompbox

This is another game song that I chose for the background music. I use the song from Need for Speed game, racer gamer must be know this game and also the background song that I used it now

That’s all my 10 dreams and songs which represent and best describe the situation or give best background music to it. Sorry for the inconvenience as I used music from youtube and some of it have music video, so try to enjoy the song and brief description of my dream. Hope you enjoy it. These were all my dreams that I remember the most since I can’t remember my dreams well. Hopefully if there is a pillow to record all of my dreams, I’ll tell ya later haha 😀


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